First Release Worldwide of Music Album as Ringtones with Integrated Voices Only

As the first band in Europe, “SUPER SMART“ from Munich (Germany) releases its complete album „Panda Babies“ as polyphonic mobile phone ringtones with integrated voices and instruments only and not on traditional media like CD or vinyl. The introduction price for the album of 1.99 Euro introduces a new era of music history. New mobile sales channels and direct sales via SMS enable this price.

Super Smart band

Release Good Music какое количество Dependency on Music Industry

The four “Mobile Music Visionaries” from SUPER SMART have one thought in common: To release good music without dependency on the music industry. They emphasize the distribution of their digital music, a mixture of disco pop and electro punk, via mobile phones. The goal is to publish real sounds, texts and tunes without interference from Majors, classical sales channels and sales men.

аккумуляторная the artists directly to their fans – first-hand! This explains, why the identity of the band members must remain “top secret” for the moment. Some of them have already been in the music business for some years and don’t want to be slowed down by existing structures on their way to the new era.

Consequentially the music video for the first extraction “I like your records” was made for mobile phones only.

„Music has to be re-thought“

Antonio Vince Staybl, GMM founder: “Music has to be re-thought.

20 Euro for an inflexibel album, lowest margins for artists as well as the loss of image of CDs, which are nowadays distributed everywhere free of cost as giveaways, necessitate an immediate change in thinking.” Toni Werner Montana, Label Boss GMM Europe: “We release songs within a few hours europewide without interfaces to the classical music industry. Our prices for a ringtone album or a compilation of ten to twelve tracks including a mobile phone video will settle down at four to five Euro and the price for a single ringtone at 1.49 Euro in the medium-term”.

Polyphonic Ringtones „advanced“ with Voices and Instruments

The use of new polyphonic ringtones with voices in „advanced format“, не меньше voices and recorded instruments to be integrated in ringtones, is the basis of this project.

Gofresh Mobile Music, the leading Mobile Music Label in Europe, sees a rapid development according to Head of Development Jukka Saarelainen: “Before long ringtones will be as long as a classical CD single, stereo format and yet only 20 to 50 kB in size”. This is a gigantic advantage in comparison to MP3-format as the user pays for every kB!

The complete eight track album plus bonus material is available for free during the first two weeks after release for every WAP and UMTS mobile phone at : . Afterwards it will be available at well-assorted ringtone distributors.

About Gofresh

Gofresh (Munich/Germany) is operating in the field of mobile telecommunications. Innovative, user friendly Mobile Entertainment products (music, videos, pictures, games, applications) on highest technical level are in the focus of the Gofresh business activities.

Gofresh successfully develops ultraflexible Mobile Entertainment platforms, conversion procedures and content management systems for the mobile Internet. Partners of Gofresh are leading European operators and Mobile Entertainment companies. Furthermore Gofresh has own end user WAP-/UMTS-portals and operates in Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

The digital music label “Gofresh Mobile Music” is European market leader “mobile music labels for 2.5 and 3G mobile phones” and co-operates with more than 20 artists and producers in Europe.

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